Graciela Siman was born in the city of La Plata, province of Buenos Aires, Argentina. She has been singing tangos ever since she was 6 years of age, within a family of musicians who supported her. Her father played the bandoneón (a kind of accordion) with an orchestra; her mother, the piano, and her grandfather, the violin at the Teatro Argentino in La Plata.
She studied guitar and singing at the Provincial Conservatory "Gilardo Gilardi" and has authored many themes and poems. She participated in several choirs and had contact with local folklore when she was a member of the group"Las voces de Amancay".

She begins with tango as a professional on July, 2005 when she performs together with other artists such as Héctor Mazzeo, Claudio Fontana, Marcelo Costa, Fabián Spinedi, Walter Miró, Nancy Latillo, and musicians Walter Bagnasco, Eduardo and Marcelo Correa, Cacho Barros and Andrés Gallero (guitar), Ariel Barros and Cacho Queirolo (keyboard) and Pucho Coralli (bandoneón), among others.

At the onset of her career, Graciela Siman was selected in a casting in the city of Buenos Aires from among a hundred singers. That is why she sang in the TV programme Casino Show Internacional, broadcast by the Sólo Tango channel. She manages in this way to spread her music all over the country as well as in different Latin American and European countries.

On December 11th., 2005, National Tango Day, she participated in a festival in the city of Buenos Aires with other well-known singers –Abel Córdoba, Diego Solís, Nelly Vázquez, Laura Bogado, Alberto Podestá, Jorge Vidal, among them– and she won another casting that shall enable her soon to record a CD with Utopía. Winners were presented at the Alvear Theatre in the traditional Avenida Corrientes within a tango show where favourite artists participated.

Accompanied by Maestro Oscar Hernández (concert guitarist, arranger and composer) with his guitar, she started her solo career with the show she has called "Tango con perfume de mujer". The wide acclaim she has received so far in La Plata as well as in other cities in the province of Buenos Aires, besides her participation within other artists’ shows, signals the emergente of this new voice for tango.