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Wishes, projects, goals and ambitions come and go throughout our lives. However, dreams prove to be stronger and persist as time goes by.

My dream ever since childhood: to sing tangos. To interpret them my own way, from the very core of my being, with that unique feeling that only tango is able to transmit.

My history with music seems to have been first transmitted through blood. My father used to play the bandoneón in a local orchestra and we used to listen to tangos together… I can recall myself as a very little girl sitting on my father’s lap, listening. My mother, with her piano tunes and her father with his virtuoso violin and singing tenor at the choir of a theater so close to cultura as the former Teatro Argentino de La Plata (nowadays, reconstructed but with a totally different architectural desing) constituted the first musical notes entering my ears.

The dream was already there… latent, never forgotten, only in the shadows, waiting… every day apparently closer to remaining but a dream. Till one day, with the support and determination of los of people who really care about me, I made the first step to the concretion of my longing.

Oscar Hernández -an excellent concert guitarist and an even better human being- believed in me and the encouraging words from long-established musicians and singers supported my decisión to finally be on stage. Thus, I could experience the emotion applause brings, a respectful silence and the ways in which the audiences looked at my, showing they approved the artist in front of them.

My dream has come true.

In every show I try to transmit the emotions and feelings tango generates in me. I do hope that whoever reads these lines may find in them encouragement to pursue his/her own dreams.

The time is now: it’s good to give ourselves the opportunity of enjoying that path we long to walk along.